Unscented Goat Milk Soap

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Unscented Goat Milk

It’s unscented (although it smells like soap). It has goat milk in it. That’s all I have to say.

Are all scents just too overpowering for you? While I love the aromatherapy that my soaps can offer, I do understand. There are also some medical conditions that require purity or less stimulation of the senses – from autism to pregnancy to chemotherapy to ?

This is simply plain soap. No scents, no colorants. Just skin-friendly goat milk & oatmeal added to my recipe.

Don’t like scented products…want to eliminate aromas…cant have scents…I got your back!

Fragrance Type: Natural

Fragrance Strength: None

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, goat milk, organic coconut oil, organic & sustainable palm oil, sodium hydroxide, oatmeal.

Soap may or may not look exactly like the picture. Because of the handmade nature of my items – temperatures, moisture, colorants, etc all factor in to making the soap look a certain way. That is the fun part of this…you never really know what its going to look like until you cut it!

Packaging is in a bridal quality platinum vellum cigar band. We try to be environmentally conscious and eliminate as much waste & plastic as we can!

4oz bar