About us

Soy wax melt handmade in Wisconsin


Who are we? We are a handmade soap company! We are also a handmade candle company! We are also a gift shop!

Where are we? We are located in Rothschild, Wisconsin. Rothschild is just a little south of Wausau - right in the middle aka Central Wisconsin!

We take your skin VERY seriously...because we take our own highly sensitive/dry skin very seriously!
I have had a life-long struggle with dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, and being allergic to many things. In 2002, I gave birth to my younger daughter who as an infant was covered in eczema scale. Her little face looked like snake skin and as she got older, she would scratch at it. I have never liked using the steroid treatments, so I started to look at eliminating the cause.
 I was at a craft show one year and purchased a bar of soap and noticed my daughter's skin started to get better. I used those soaps for awhile before deciding that I would like MORE...more fragrances, and more control over the ingredients so I could make it even better. I began experimenting and finally came up with a recipe I liked. I quickly learned how much I loved to create and design (and the math - I am in accounting) using soap and I soon had too much.
 In 2004, I began setting up at art/craft shows and a website soon followed. While that recipe was great, I have tweaked it over the years. and rebranded everything into what you see today. I have a store in Rothschild Wisconsin, and even do wholesale around the world. Many of my regulars say they don't need lotion anymore after using my soaps. I also have many repeat customers who love my soaps saying that their skin has never been better.
My current and best-selling recipe is the result of nearly 20 years of tweaking and experimenting until I got it to where I wanted. We use organic oils, and some sustainable oils as well. We do use all sorts of fragrances - from essential oils to natural fragrance oils to the highest quality fragrance oils (phthalate & formaldehyde free). We believe we have created the best goat milk soap bar!

Our goat milk soap is created by hand in small batches here in Wisconsin!
Over the years we have added bath bombs, shower steamers, lotion, face creams, beard care, bath soaks, bath salts, wood wick & cotton wick candles, and all sorts of wax melts.
Give us a try! You will like our style!



Retail Location:

14 Brown Blvd Rothschild WI 54474

Wed-Fri: 4:30pm-6pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: 10am-2pm