Soy Wax Melt Tarts

Our wax melts handcrafted using only the finest quality 100% natural soy wax that was produced from soybeans grown in the USA by American Farmers! Our soy wax tarts are infused with a generous amount of premium fragrance oil & essential oils to fill your home with a long-lasting, powerful aroma.

To use, simply place a cube or two of your choice on top of a melt warmer. Please remember to never leave a wax melter unattended and keep flames, hot wax, and lit candles out of the reach of children and pets. Additionally, avoid touching the warmer while it is in use as it may be hot. Wait for it to cool down before handling or moving it, and allow the wax melt to cool and solidify before touching it. You can relight it for future use.

This sale is for a single wax melt bar, with each clam shell weighing approximately 2.5 ounces. Please note that due to the natural soy wax composition, each clam shell may vary slightly in appearance and some frosting may occur during the making process. This does not affect the scent or performance of the wax melt. 

We hope you enjoy our soy wax tart melts as much as we did making them!