Luffa Soap - Snowflake

Luffa Soap - Snowflake

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Fresh and clean smelling

EYE CANDY! These look like jewels and treat your skin great! These make great gifts as they are wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.

Interesting looking soap right? Well this is Loofah otherwise known as “Luffa”,and it is an extremely great exfoliator for your skin when washing your body.


 So what is Loofah? This plant is originally from the cucumber family and can be harvested for eating but it is mostly picked to dry out and use as a sponge for its fibrous material. It is mostly used for back brushes or sponges but in some case soap makers such as myself use them inside soaps to help exfoliate and massage the skin.


In addition to being extremely soft the material is completely safe and free of chemicals and substances with bacteria, it’s all natural! Because of this it does not cause inflammation or irritation as other scratchy and rough sponges would. As well as being safe the Loofah naturally soaks up a bit of the essential oils and fragrance in the soap mix to leave your skin smelling absolutely scrumptious.


To use: wet the soap and pick a side where the luffah is closet to the edge & wash. The loofah will expose itself and you can exfoliate. Once the soap is all gone, you can keep using your luffa. You can string a piece of rope or ribbon thru it and hang it so that it dries thoroughly between uses.



  • Glycerin Soap Base
  • Loofah (Luffa) Sponge
  • Fragrance
  • FD&C Colorant